sudako (sudako) wrote in viczhou,

F4 Posters & clippings for sale!!!

      I'm selling over 100pieces of F4 clippings + over 30posters of F4 for USD$30
U'll get
FREE Meteor Rain VCD( never played b4) and free F4stickers. 
   U'll only need to pay USD$30 and the shipping fee to where u r located
Price is negotiable!!! Email me:
I'll email u the picture of the clippings,posters,vcd and F4stickers if u r interested in it!

I have more F4 stuff to sell (if u r interested please email me, i see whether i have it or not)

I'm located in Singapore. I ship internationally. 
 I accept payments via paypal(buyers bears exchanged rates and fee), bank transfer and meet-up(only for singaporean)! 
There will be no refund or exchanges!!!
If u have any further question feel free to ask

Please delete this post if its not allowed here!
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