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Vic Zhou's NEW ALBUM: "I'm Not F4"

Hey Everyone, this comm's been pretty quiet recently *sorry!*

Here is some good news, Zai Zai has already released a new album, if anyone owns it, let us know if you liked it (or not)!

Product Information
Product Title : I'm Not F4
Singer Name(s) : Vic Zhou
Release Date : October 29, 2007
Language : Mandarin

Singer/actor and F4 member Vic Zhou returns to the Mando-pop scene with a vengeance. His last solo album, Remember, I Love You, dates all the way back to 2003. Busy with television dramas like "Sweet Relationship", Vic has finally been given the green light to launch his new major album. His latest principal track is another strike of luck, as it is composed by none other than Taiwan's pop prince Jay Chou, whose work is in extremely high demand in the music world. Vic happened to come across him one day and jokingly asked whether he would like to write a song for him and that's how Vic's new title song, "I'm Not F4" (Track 2), was born. The song is a reflection of Vic's inner self, as he wants to let his fans know who he is as an individual beyond being an actor and a member of F4. Vic shunned no efforts to really let his presence be felt on his new album, participating every step of the way, from finding and selecting songs to the track arrangement. His devoted followers are sure to find the all new Vic through the music on I'm Not F4.

You can purchase the album here but make sure to note the different edition/versions of the album before you purchase.

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