11 (luver_gurl) wrote in viczhou,

intro + some news :)

hey everyone!!! im 11 and from hk. ive just joined this community- ive actually love vic ever since meteor garden but just haven't gone around finding communities and all :)

anyhow - i duno if you guys heard but F4 is celebrating their 5th anniversary this year and just recently - they've released a 5-Year anniversary box set w/ 2 CDs containing all of F4 songs, and each of their individual solo songs. it also contains 2DVDs w/ all of their works and behind the scenes clips (including vics' dramas!!) and also include a 2007 calendar and a 100-page photoalbum :) a poster also comes w/ it when you buy it... and the pre-release ver comes w/ a 117-piece puzzle. you can find more stuff about it @ yesasia.com.

oh yes. hehe. *hides* i was wondering if anyone know where i can find or if you guys have any recent vic pics ?? i want to make some maybe layouts or wallpapers.. hehe :) thx!!
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